Join us for the first national interdisciplinary conference for those working to promote young people's wellbeing and health in education, health service, community, and youth work settings.

Youth, Health and Practical Justice will explore themes of inclusion and participation, equity, assets and responses, and justice and social exclusion.

We invite contributions of the following topics:

  • Understanding young people and health

  • Health and wellbeing of recent migrants and refugees

  • Digital cultures and youth

  • Communities, parents and young people's health

  • Health promotion for youth: methods and approaches

  • Indigenous youth: priorities and perspectives

  • Youth-led initiatives: local and international experiences

  • Sexuality, education and health

  • Putting justice and rights centre stage

  • Popular pedagogy and informal education

  • Critical perspectives on drugs, alcohol and risk



The Youth, Health and Practical Justice Conference is organised by the Practical Justice Initiative at UNSW Australia and the Faculty of Health at UTS, Sydney. We acknowledge the support of Sexualities and Genders Research within the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University, and the School of Education and Centre for Educational Research at Western Sydney University.

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